Machinery and equipment for roasting chickens

Vulcano Gres is the lider in the design, manufacture and distribution of industrial coal, gas and electric chicken rotisseries.

All our equipment and machinery are hancrafted to adapt them to the particular needs of our customers.

If you need help with the choice of the rotisserie that is most convenient for your business, we will advise you at no cost and obligation.

Models of professional rotisseries


Mechanized Planetarium


Simple Case



Square Case

Round Hood



Mechining on the right

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Air outlet regulator

Front loading ramp


Rear basket

Thermal box

Cylindrical bracket

Copper and Brass Finishes

Customer design

We have three standard models of finishes, affordable to all budget, or we can adapt the planetarium to any design. The possibilities of personalisation increase by combining the different finishes with ten basic capasity options for rotiesseries between 16 and 126 chickens.

Best quality – price

Through an intelligent and efficient design, the use of the best materials and enormous possibilities of personalization, we are the most unbeatable option in the market. We are sure in it and we ivite you to compare our prices with the competition. Without any obligation, you can visit our facilities and check it.


We can add different types of swords or other accessories, such as rackets for roasting ribs or drums for potatoes or vegetables. You can also include a temperature maintaining drawer in the lower table, where you can store swords with chickens or marked trays for later cooking.


It is possible to install a firebreak nozzle, as in our conventional grills, that prevent the sparks flying out during the combustion.


In 5 minutes the embers are ready in the coal basket, thanks to our forced draught device of injected air in the base (turbo-embers), that speeds up the whole process of combustion and helps to conserve coal.

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