Equipment for Brazilian restaurants

In rodizio restaurants, the different kinds of meat serve directly from the grill to the table. The meats are roasted on a special grill with a rotating system of swords or cages in which the pieces are inserted, so the grease from the chicken does not fall onto the grill and do not lose the natural juices. At Vulcano Gres we design and manufacture customised rodizios equipment to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Types according to the rotary system

Rodizio with Rackets


Rodizio with Swords

Types according to number of swords or rackets





We offer different options: sword for whole chicken, drum for potatoes, racket for fish, racket for parts of chicken…

They can have a removable support or side hinge and can be inserted to any grill.

We sell by packs and by units.

Principal manufacturer of rodizios in Spain
Customised design
Easy cleaning and use
Economical price

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