Urogallo Ifema Restaurant and the best gastronomy in Madrid

It is very uncommon not to know the Urogallo restaurant in Madrid. Who has not rowed through the lake at Casa de Campo and stopped to rest on the terrace of El Urogallo feeling the serenity of the surroundings? Or stroll along the Paseo de Florida, next to the Ermita de San Antonio, and enjoy a succulent menu in another of the famous chain of restaurants …


Asturian flavor in Madrid.

Its success has grown up since back in 1996 some Asturian restaurateurs decided to open their first restaurant in Madrid, offering today its rich gastronomy in several points of the capital: Casa de Campo, Paseo de Florida, Pozuelo de Alarcón and, its last inauguration, in Ifema.

El UrogalloEl Urogallo

El Urogallo constitutes a gastronomic reference in the capital. It has not stopped growing since 1996 and it evolved until it became firm in traditional gastronomy.



El Urogallo Ifema, mix of tradition and novelty.

Entering Urogallo Ifema looks like leaving the city behind and moving to a world where the quality, the aroma of firewood, the taste for the exquisite are all around…

Without losing the essence that characterizes the gastronomy of El Urogallo, this new establishment has been designed with a unique and exceptional taste. Vintage environments mixed with modern designs, blacks and golden glitters, faint lights that go through the wide windows … everything forms a unique and exclusive set in which the diners loses their senses once they begin to enjoy the dishes offered: Cabracho, Creole Wagyu Ox, Tandoori Salad, Asturian Fabada, Black Angus Skewer …

These are just some of the dishes that you can enjoy at El Urogallo, without leaving behind succulent toasts, appetizing dishes and a great variety of desserts. All this accompanied by an excellent wine list of the best D.O. of our land.


The embers of El Urogallo Ifema, product of VulcanoGres.

The kitchen of this particular restaurant is characterized, among other things, by the wide range of charcoal grill equipment that delight the most demanding chefs.

For this, El Urogallo counted on VulcanoGres, where we developed different equipment to cover all your needs;


  • Grill with gear lift
  • Multifunctional rotisserie, which allows roasting both fruits, chickens, suckling pigs, etc.
  • Rodizio, with five swords
  • Brazier
  • Tandoori

Both the lining of the furniture, highlighted by the contrasts of the black and the gold, like the glazing of the interior of the premises and the granite countertops, have been designed and developed by VulcanoGres.

A work that concludes with efficient equipment, quality and original visualization, where the diner can enjoy this great place with all its senses …



Information collected from: El Urogallo

Images: VulcanoGres and Beatriz Vela Fotografía



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