Vulcano Gres bets on products that give security to our customers. Our grills maintain the tradition of charcoal cooking, fused with a modern and functional design, emphasizing the harmony between gastronomy, comfort and cleanliness. High quality equipment to ensure high efficiency and durability.

If anything stands out in the VulcanoGres barbecues is the incorporation of a charcoal drawer, able to create the embers and keep them ready, allowing also to use the space as an oven. This allows roasting independently and avoids releasing heat in the atmosphere. Optionally, you can incorporate a forced air system that speeds the ignition of the embers.

The design of our grills is characterized by a fusion of tradition and functionality, with unique designs tailored to the needs of our customers.

They are handcrafted grills but without rudimentary mechanisms, designed to cook comfortably without having to invest too much time in cleaning or maintenance services.

Optional features

  • Motorized lift of grills
  • Coal drawer / Oven for independent roasts
  • Drawers for utensils
  • Fat collection drawer
  • Ash collection drawer



  • Kit oven: Turbo coals, pyrometer and damper
  • Kit Rodizio / Rotisserie: Rotating system of roasts composed of swords or cages.
  • Kit Doors (folding or sliding)
  • Tempering grill (normal or large pieces)
  • Extractor hood
  • Hopper or drawer to storage coal or wood
  • Anti-spark nozzles
  • Chrome plate for grill
  • Folding shelf
  • Grills for oven / coal drawer
  • Wheels with anti-slide brake for equipments with less than 2 meters length
  • LED lighting
  • Glazing
  • Catalytic filter
  • Custom front


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Flores Valle

2m Professional grill in Madrid. Right side glass, Kit Embers oven and hopper coal.

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Parrilla Barbacoa Aruba

2m Professional grill in Aruba, northern Venezuela. Inox finish and double lift system, automatic and with a side wheel.

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Parrilla Barbacoa Galicia

2m Standard grill installed in restaurant in Galicia, hood, coal oven, table enclosure with sliding doors and heat protection tilting breastplate or shelf.

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Parrilla Barbacoa San Sebastian de los Reyes

2m x 1m Grill. 800mm coal drawer. Removable drawer and inox doors.

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Grill Sevilla

1700 Basic grill integrated in the kitchen.

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Barbecue Architect

2m Grill, hood and closed table in an inox piece. 1-section lifting and basket made of refractory iron to granulate die embers.

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Grill Las Tablas

2m Grill with glazing.

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Tabletop Grill Evora

1100 × 750 Grill. Handle lift.

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Tabletop Grill Tayco

 950x500mm Grill

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parri_enci_1parri_enci_2Economical and practical grill.
We have a perfect design to adapt to any professional catering kitchen.
Made entirely of stainless steel.
Channel system of one folded over each other to completely prevent the fat from spilling into the embers.
Ash collection box under the coal drawer.

Grill Soria

1500 Basic grill with Kit Embers oven.

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Grill Gudiño

1.8m Grill in Madrid, with lower elevation, special 1m back, we work customer-facing behind kitchen glass.

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Grill Taberna Etxea

Handcrafted grill in Madrid with manual lifting through quoins. To highlight its glazing.

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Grill Lisboa Buffalo

2m Grill installed in Bufalo grill in Lisbon, Portugal. With lateral coals oven.

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Grill Valdemoro CM

2m Grill in Valdemoro, Madrid. Basic model.

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Nikos Grecia
Grill with Rodizioss Nikos

2m Grill in Athens, Greece. With Kit coal oven and Kit Rodizio 1 section.

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Grill Baviera

Grill 2m in Bavaria, Germany. Lower table enclosure with sliding doors and tilting hopper for coal.

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Beatriz Valencia
Grill Beatriz Valencia

2m Grill in Valencia, closed with glazing for cooking from the bar.

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Grill Terraza Tobías

Grill exclusively designed for terrace. Kit Embers oven, lifting with wheel, countertops …

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