Professional Grills

Parrilla Profesional Vulcano Gres

Vulcano Gres fuse the tradition of charcoal cooking with the latest in catering technology to archieve the best results.

Professional grills and barbecues are handcrafted to fit the particular needs of customers, always meet to criteria of comfort and ease of use, cleaning and maintenance.

Grill Models

Parrilla mural, sin paneles, con horno ascuador arriba de trasera acristalada

Model 103

Model 176

Model 202

Parrillas de sobremesa La Cerca | La Cerca tabletop grills | Grils de table La Cerca

Model 207

Parrilla mural, con elevación automática, horno ascuador arriba y bandeja frontal

Model 217

Parrillas de sobremesa Congo | Congo tabletop grills | Grils de table Congo

Model 220

Model 221

Model 225

Model 250

Parrilla mural, con elevación automática, horno ascuador arriba y bandeja frontal

Model 261

Model 279

Model 308

Parrilla central, con elevación manual por rueda lateral, rodicio y espetero

Model 310

Model 323

Parrilla mural, con elevación manual y horno ascuador abajo

Model 379

Model 388



Oven Adaptation


Lifting System

Catalyst Filter

Tempered Grill

Hot/cold Table

Tilting Shelf


Die-cutting plate




Coal Drawer



Panel Shelf


All grease goes down the “V” channels into removable drain to be easy to clean. Preventing the dripping into coal and flame. Thus prevents the burning of the meat and generation of smoke and odours. Equally the ash is created in the charcoal drawer and goes down into another removable drawer.


When we form the embers of the coal in an isolated drawer, we only take out the necessery ones to attend the service and the rest of them remain inside covered with ash for their conservation. Also we can introduce trays and casseroles to cook roasts without using the oven or stove.


In 5 minutes we have the embers prepared in the brazier, thanks to the forced air draught (turbo-embers) which speeds up whole process.


Sometimes the grill, plus the weight of the meat is really difficult to lift. We incorporate an automatic motorized system with two simple lifting buttons. 


The danger of conventional grills is that, during the coal burning process, the sparks may fly off. In our grills, the embers are formed inside a closed drawer and we can istall a firebreak nozzle.

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