Professional Charcoal Ovens

The professional charcoal ovens Vulcano Gres combine oven and grill in one machine, fusing the benefits of both.

All our ovens are handcrafted to correspond to the particular requests of each costumer, always according to criteria of comfort and ease of use, cleaning and maintenance. we have different standard models that work with coal, but you can add small pieces of firewood and/or wood. We ude materials that can withstand dilation at high temperatures and maintain a constant temperature inside and can be controlled with draught regulator.

We also subject them to the most demanding tests to ensure that they comply with current European Economic Community safety regulations, as a result of which they are CE certified.

If you need help in choosing, we will advise yo at no cost or obligation.

Catalogue of Professional Ovens

Tilting Door

Independent Brazier

Embers Oven


Oven Casillero


Pizza Ovens

In Vulcano Gres we specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of professional firewood, gas and mixed ovens for pizzas and Castilian roasts, of different sizes and features. 

All our machines and equipment are handcrafted to adapt them to the specific needs of our customers.

Also, thanks to the quality of our materials and our multidisciplinary team – formed by workers, engineers and researchers – all our products have an exceptional finish.


Coal savings when cooking with reduced oxigen inside a closed chamber, which is a  40% reduction with regard to open grills.


Our ovens store a large part of expelled ashes with the smoke inside the firebreak nozzle and the rest in the drawer under cast iron grates. The gease go down inside the door when we close the oven, ends up in a removable tray.


Fast coal burning by forced air draught. Design created to guarantee maximum efficiency in cooking.


All our machines have ingenious mechanisms to avoid that the heat, directly or constantly, affects the cook.

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