Although there is some information that claims that pizza was already produced in ancient Greece, it is in the city of Naples (Italy) where this specialty was born as we know it today.
Being an only dish, Pizza offers variety, as it gives the possibility of adding the ingredients to suit the guest. But the real trick of the pizza is on two points: the preparation of the dough and its baking.

Restaurants specialised in this product know perfectly that it is the oven which gives the final touch to this Neapolitan dish. Thus, the demand for pizza ovens has grown, and Vulcano Gres are aware of this, as many of our clients have entrusted us with the manufacture and design to equip their kitchens with our ovens special for pizza.

Vulcano Gres adapts pizza ovens according to customer needs. We manufacture from traditional brick ovens to the newest and innovative designs, giving the product an exclusive originality.

Vulcano Gres in collaboration with AT, founded in 1995 and initially specialized in the manufacture of professional ovens for bakeries offers its new models of pizza ovens and roasts, always trying to adjust design, quality and price.
Vulcano Gres begins its early years building electric ovens for other trading companies. From 1998 to 2005, AT owners run the manufacturing center “Morello Forni” in Asengrad, BG.
Our innovative products and solutions have been well received not only in the Spanish market but also in other EU countries. Customers from Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, and USA recognize our ovens for their trust, quality and simplicity during the installation process.
Our ovens are based on engineering structures, quick and easy to install in the restaurant. All our models can be installed within 24h. * As long as we will not install electrical or gas control systems on certain models.
Our brand is now synonymous with trust, quality and efficiency.
Today we are one of the companies with the highest and fastest growth in the industry, with the ambition to become a leader in quality and affordable in all our products focused on the hostelry sector.

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