Pizza and Roast Ovens

Instalación Colonial Buffet- Aldaia, Valencia (España) | Colonial Buffet Installation- Aldaia, Valencia (Spain) | Installation Colonial Buffet- Aldaia, Valence (Espagne)

In Vulcano Gres we specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of professional firewood, gas and mixed ovens for pizzas and Castilian roasts, of different sizes and features. 

All our machines and equipment are handcrafted to adapt them to the specific needs of our customers.

Also, thanks to the quality of our materials and our multidisciplinary team – formed by workers, engineers and researchers – all our products have an exceptional finishes.

Catalogue of Pizza Ovens

Firewood ovens

Gas ovens

Mixed ovens

Other ovens

Internacional Prestige 

Our products have been widely accepted in Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Russia, USA…

Best Quality-Price

Thanks to good work of our engineers and craftsmen, now our brand is synonymous with confidence and efficiency at a competitive price.

Custom Design

You can choose the manufacturing materials, the shape (square or dome) decoration (silicone, mosaic or tiles), adjustable temperature, maximum capacity and any other extras which you want to add.

Fast Installation

Many of our models can be installed within 24 hours.

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