Vulcano Gres | About us

Vulcano Gres: fabricación y venta de parrillas, barbacoas y asadores de carne, de carbón y leña, para particulares y profesionales de la hostelería (hoteles, restaurantes) en hierro y acero inoxidable | Vulcano Gres: manufacturing and sale of iron and stainless steel grills, barbecues and meat roasters, charcoal and wood, for individuals and hospitality professionals (hotels, restaurants)

Vulcano Gres is the Spanish leading company in the design, custom-made manufacturing and marketing of charcoal ovens, professional grills, buffets, refractory utensils, fusion cuisine, rodizios and chicken rotisseries, among other equipment and machinery for the hospitality industry. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and in an artisan way, which allows us to customize them to the maximum to meet the specific needs of each project. Each one of them is carefully designed and meets criteria of functionality and aesthetics. Furthermore, our engineering team is constantly researching to patent new machines and continue to be at the forefront of this sector. Thanks to all of this and more than 10 years of experience, we have built a worldwide network of distributors and established a relationship of trust and closeness with our customers.

Óscar Figueroa- CEO of Vulcano Gres