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The spirit of the embers

VULCANO GRES: at the forefront of machinery for catering

The new concept of restoration and the latest gastronomic trends transcend and appeal to the participation of all sences, apart from taste. The pleasure of eating and enjoying food, from the moment of preparation until it is tasted, becomes a multi-sensorial experience, which archieves its maximum exponent in showcooking. At Vulcano Gres we manufacture unique and exclusive machines, with their own soul, which is why they crossed borders and their owners are pround to show them to their customers, as you can see in the video of our friends from Naked Chef in Krasnodar (Russia).

Other exclusive products

We also offer to our clients other products, installations and complementary machinery
Chambers and Cellars
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Extraction System
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Years of experience in the Sector

Here you can look at some of our installations, so you can see how we work

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Most frequent questions

Yes, we are manufacturers and we start all our projects from scratch, so that we can adapt to your needs.
No, our grills have wheels to move them and the only installation they requiere is a single-phase 220v electrical connection, if your grill has an automatic lifting system or turbo-embers.
Yes, at Vulcano Gres, apart from being manufacturers, we are also official distributors of all types of machinery and equipment for catering industry. From refrigerated tables, cold chambers, fryers, to all you need to dress the tables of your establishment (cutlery, cookware, etc..) Contact us .
The danger of conventional grills is that during the process of burning the coal, sparks are produced and risen up to the hood, and if there is grease accumulation, it could ignite.  We form the embers inside a closed drawer and install a firebreak nozzle at the exit of brazier drawer, this piece forces an internal air path that ascends, avoiding sparks to come out. See also fire protection systems for hoods.

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