Equipos brasa Carnivore

Ember equipment at Carnivore Charcoal Grill, Brussels

This time VulcanoGres moves to Belgium, more specifically to Brussels, where the exclusive Carnivore Charcoal Grill restaurant offers us the entrance to a gastronomic world to enjoy with the five senses.

Carnivore Charcoal Grill


This restaurant, located in the heart of Brussels, invites us to enjoy a dinner in a relaxed atmosphere and contemplating at all times its open kitchen, being able to hear the steaks sizzling on the handmade charcoal grill or passing by and greeting the chefs.

With a varied menu, Carnivore Charcoal Grill offers a wide assortment of grilled meats, as well as selected wines and original desserts and cocktails to close our dinner with a sweet and intoxicating taste.

Original grill accompanied by Embers Oven

Carnivore Charcoal Grill asked VulcanoGres to manufacture their charcoal equipment.

Carnivore Grill:

This barbecue consists of three sections of automatic elevation and two tempering grills with manual lifting by front wheel.

The brazier is placed in the inferior part, next to a drawer for coal and diverse closed spaces (cabinets, drawers) to store utensils.

The front of the grill has three baskets for lit firewood that provide heat to the tempering grills.

Made of steel, with black enamel and vintage chrome accents, the grill assembly stands out in the restaurant’s kitchen, offering a visual spectacle that does not go unnoticed.

Embers Oven:

Our exclusive charcoal oven with drawers has also been another of the equipment manufactured for Carnivore.

Three drawers in column, side viewers, steel and black glazed with vintage details … The oven complements the kitchen of this restaurant making the chef can control their roasts at all times without just moving from the site and with a multitude of cooking options. different temperatures.

There is no doubt that Carnivore Charcoal Grill is a must if we want to taste some good coals!


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