Fusion Kitchen

A complete range of kitchens, plates and equipment for oriental restoration.

  • T Series Kitchens

    Functional kitchens of high performance and maximum durability.

  • Wok Series Kitchens

    Wok Kitchens that incorporate roast plates, atmospheric burners and Wok burners.

  • Series A Kitchens

    The classic Oriental kitchen. Economic range.

  • Knee-Wok Kitchens

    The exclusive Knee-Wok kitchen provides ``use the knee,`` a new work system.

  • Induction Kitchens

    Induction cookers are the perfect alternative to gas cookers.

  • Fry-Top Plates

    Plates that satisfy the need for large work surfaces.

  • Teppanyaki

    It combines advanced and safe technology with the culinary arts.

  • Mongolian Grill

    Widespread across Americas and Asia, they are strongly being implemented in Europe.

  • Dim Sum

    Dim Sum in Cantonese means ``touch the heart`` or ``bite``.


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