Eliminates embers and fat particles.

Water module to remove particles that can rise from the grate and lower the temperature of the fumes before passing through the electrostatic filter.
It uses a water sprayer that separates the drops of oil and other particles.

The condensation of the oil droplets reduces the temperature of the air appreciably, which reduces the risk of fire.

The contaminated air passes through four filters of meshes placed in a “V” to which a curtain of water is applied.
This allows us to lower the air temperature and the decantation of smaller particles. Finally the air passes through two other mesh filters.




  • No need to perform complex extraction works
  • Decreases air temperature
  • Long useful life
  • Easy maintenance



Purifies the fumes of extraction eliminating fats and particles.

Electrostatic filter for the elimination of grease and particles in the extraction of fumes from industrial kitchens.

The cleaning can be manual, (the client puts the equipment in cleaning mode when he thinks it is necessary), or automatic, (the equipment is programmed to be put in cleaning mode).

With activated carbon filter for the absorption of odors.




  • No need to perform complex extraction works
  • Economizes energy
  • Improves working conditions
  • Conserves the environment
  • Long useful life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great efficiency of purification




1. Metallic filter.

2. Ionizer filter.

2.1. Electrical contacts

3. Collection cell.

3.1. Electrical contacts

4. Carbon filter.

6. F9 fiber filter.

  • Metalic filter

    Collects bigger particles

  • Electrostatic filter

    Ionizes particles to be utterly attracted by the collecters

  • Collecter

    Captures ionized particles

  • Active carbon filter

    Eliminates gases and odors