Embers Oven – New charcoal oven with drawers for Montenegro

Our exclusive charcoal oven with drawers, Embers Oven, does not stop crossing borders.

This time it was from Montenegro that we were asked to build a new equipment, but with some special features in its drawers.

When creating custom designs, we can meet the needs of our customers, so we made this Embers Oven with different measures in their drawers, according to the specifications needed by our customer.

The end result was a practical oven with specific drawers for different roasts.

There were also included an anti-spark nozzle with a catalytic filter and ash-collection drawers.


Additionally to the Embers Oven, the customer requested an assortment of our refractory cookware, as well as portable grills, offering clients the best quality to enjoy an excellent roast in the oven, served the best way to maintain it.

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