New installation in the best meat restaurant in Milan, specialized in Dry Aged

The Bakker Restaurant is in the Italian city of Milan and has just installed a new Vulcano Gres macerating chamber.

The restaurant is located in Viale Romagna and offers dry aged meat as well as a vegetarian specialty.

However, the restaurant has specialized in this new trend that has come to Italy: we are talking about dry aged meat, a new fashion treatment in international cuisine, especially in the United States, which is also being introduced in Europe.

In the atmosphere of the Bakker restaurant, gold, white and black predominate, with minimalist and essential furniture. The aging chamber is in sight as well as the glazed charcoal grill.

The dry aged meat is a meat subjected to a particular maturation process, to make it more tender and tastier. Traditional aging usually takes place in 10-20 days, in a cold room, at a temperature between 0 ° and 4 ° C. Dry ripening, on the other hand, is carried out for a longer period of time, from 5 to 8 weeks, always under controlled temperature. In this way, meat can lose up to 20% of its fluids.

Once this dry aged process is done, this restaurant cooks it on the charcoal grill to serve it.


bakker milano

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