Robata is an essential equipment in Japanese restaurants that allows a cooking method similat to barbecue where the food, inserted in skewers, is cooked slowly over charcoal. It has different heights of grills to archieve different cooking temperatures. It is made of stainless steel and incorporates a turboembers system, that speeds up the formation of the embers, and ash collection drawers.

Fish, seafood and vegetables are traditionally cooked with this equipment.

At Vulcano Gres we manufacture charcoal or gas robatas of different dimensions for adapt to the needs of the customer, either as compact, tabletop or builtin equipment.



Robata Grill


Robata Yakitori


Robata Racchelli


Gas Robata


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Robata Mini Swords

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Robata Fry Top

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Lamp Sword

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Build in Robatas

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Charcoal Drawer

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Cold Chamber

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