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We also offer our clients other products, installations and complementary machinery, as well as cellars, displays and maturation chambers, exclusively for their integral projects.

All our equipment and machinery are manufactured exclusively by hand to suit the particular needs of our customers.

If you need help in choosing the one that best suits your business, we will advise you at no cost and obligation.

Central Maturation Chamber 1200

Omari Milán

Central Maturation Chamber 1500

La Colonial

Wall Maturation Chamber 1500

Dry Edge Chamber + meat display chamber.

Wall Maturation Chamber 2300 3 doors

Serial AI NM Elite

Patented food transformation system specially designed for maturing.

The maturation of the meat is a particular curing process that transforms the fresh meat to increase the time in the chamber, soften and, above all, to get a higher degree of flavour.

This transformation makes the meat more edible, easier to digest and concentrated flavour, increasing the sense perception of the consumer.

Once your meat has been transformed, it would have an increased flavour profile, will get maximum tenderness, it will be easier to digest, and above all, it will become safety (increasing useful life while drastically reducing the overwall bacterial count).

You can create the ideal microclimate for all meats with thirty days of maturation. Even if you are a beginner, with complex sets of algorithms and multiple system in a simple and easy way.

Control of humidity, liquid smoking and flavouring.

PH monitoring system, which provides HACCP data analysis, and complies with all internal standards.

Natural maturation method with automatic microclimate control. Management and sequential processing of multifunctional stages during food processing making it possible to cure meat in a safe enviroment with pH monitoring to obtain a high level of quality.

Control screen. 

The device is very easy to use which focus on traditional food processing.

Includes 30 climate state recipes and 352kb of storage that allow to keep many others.

HACCP monitoring visible on the FULL COLOR 7 ” TOUCH SCREEN with prints and diagrams.
SFC® manages the clean-in-place process (C.I.P.) and provides remote system management.

pH Control®
pH Control is a system dedicated to reading the pH levels during the maturation processes, it monitors the acidification of the meat.

Allows to manage the humidification, smoking and flavour of the product inside the chamber.

Smoked / Flavouring:
During this phase, naturally liquid smoke is misted inside the chamber at low temperature, fully respecting the health and safety of the product.

*The smoking liquid can be bought in Vulcano Gres.

Humidification:                                     The Fumotic® produces and maintains humidity inside the Chamber from a water connection to a tank in the chamber of directly to the connection.

Tele-assistance:                        Thanks to the lastest technology, we provide to the client with latest generation of control that can be connected to our remote support platform, 24 hours a day, which will actually tell us about the presence of alarms and / or failures in the system.

Preventive maintenance program:                                            The preventive maintenance program consists of checks verifications and inspections by specialized operators to avoid anomalies or malfunctions that could undermine the correct operation of the equipment and minimize the emergency response.

Extraordinary maintenance:
For extraordinary maintenance, it is required the maintenance work as a result of sudden anomalies or malfunctions that affect right functionality and for which inmediante restoration is required. This service will be provided directly in the place where the patented installation is installed and includes, apart from the necessary work permormance, the replacement of worn parts (quoted and valued in a price list).

Technical Service of Food
Our food department provides the customer with one of our food professionals to take 100% of our cabinet climate control. Our technologist will provide you with his technical experience to obtain high quality, safe and legal product.

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