Instalación Colonial Buffet- Aldaia, Valencia (España) | Colonial Buffet Installation- Aldaia, Valencia (Spain) | Installation Colonial Buffet- Aldaia, Valence (Espagne)

Design, Manufacture and Installation

We design, manufacture and install customised buffets to adapt to the particular need of every customer and give them the best result. To achieve this, we have an expert at your disposal to advise you during the whole process.

Our services are specified in wok, catering and show cooking, always with satisfactory results.

Elements of our designs

  • Highly resistant metal structure with covering of different materials
  • Granite worktops
  • Quality materials: Corian, Silestone, marble, wood…
  • Spaces enabled for cutlery and utensils.
  • Cold and hot tanks o worktops or a combination of both systems..
  • LED lighting
  • Neutral or heat lights, halogen or infrared systems
  • Straight or curved screens with special anti-fog glass
  • Non-slip wheels

Innovative Materials


Corian has a variety of surfaces and shapes to suit the desigher or client, achieving spectacular and beautiful results. It combiens well with other materials such as tiles, stainless steel, wood, granite and glass, and is suitable for vertical or horizantal applications, furniture and lights.


Silestone has many advantages like hardness, anti-bacterial surface, resistance to impact, scratches, stains and acids.

We work from zero. Starting from an idea, we design the equipment developing the 3D models to show to the client. Once the design is approved, we develop the technical plans and start working with the structure of buffet.


The next step would bethe integration of the necessary machineryto cool or heat the chamber or surface, the lighting, decorative elements, worktops… Finally, we develop the project in its entirety. For this we have technicians specialised in all the necessary fields: designers, welders, painters, electricians, refrigeration engineers, fitters, etc.


When the buffets are finished, our installation team transports them to their final location, takes care of integrating them into the final space and carries out the start-up.

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