Vulcanogres | Charcoal ovens, charcoal grills, buffets factory
We are specialized in manufacturing charcoal ovens, professional Grills, Buffets, Rodizios, Rotisseries and other cooking on the grill equipments
Charcoalovens, charcoal grills, buffets factory, barbecue, robata grill
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We are specialized in manufacturing of equipments for cooking on the grill. Charcoal ovens, professional grills, rodizios, rotisseries, robata grill, pizza ovens. And other equipments for restaurants, buffets, earthenware…

Horno de carbón brasa

Ergonomic and functional design in a perfect combination that allows cooking “grill style” with all the advantages of an oven.

Barbacoas para restaurantes

The design of our grills consists of the unification of tradition and functionality, with exclusive designs adapted to our customer needs.

Buffets para restaurantes

Custom buffets according to the needs of each client, advising at all times on the most effective method, depending to the installation space.

Rodizios de carbón

Rodizio is another option for our grill, combining three styles of cooking meat: barbecue, oven and rodizio


Motorized system with swords or baskets, which can be incorporated into our grills making them effective chicken grills.

Horno de pizza de leña

We manufacture from traditional brick ovens to the newest and innovative designs.

Robata grill Japanese

Robata grill is a must have in Japanese restaurants. It is a cooking method similar to the charcoal barbecue.


Menaje refractario

We have highly skilled craftsmen for all kinds of formats, beyond pre-designed moulds.

Cocina Wok

A complete range of kitchens, plates and equipment for oriental restoration.

Practical professional grill. With two sections of automatic elevation and top tempered grill. It is completed by 2 table doors and wheels....

Pollos Gourmet has asked VulcanoGres to be responsible for the installation of its equipment in a new establishment in Madrid. A rotisserie for grilled chicken with capacity to roast 72 chickens at ...

Grill model Denia composed of three sections of grill with automatic lift and double brazier. Another characteristic of this grill is that it incorporates a base with turbo-embers in one of the sectio...

The heart of Vielha hides one of the corners where you can enjoy the best grilled selection of food. A feast of meat, fish and products from the ground cooked with an exquisite taste offered by El...

New project in Madrid of rotisserie chicken grill. The “Peruvian” model has a custom design, with housing, glass door and guillotine elevation with pinions and chain. A shelf is incorporat...

New table model of Embers Oven. Specially developed for one of our customers in Chile, this table oven has two roasting drawers and manual lifting of the embers basket or brazier. It also has an embe...

The team of VulcanoGres does not fail in its commitment to continue making progress towards improvements and new features for our equipment. This timewe have created a new design for the Embers Oven,...

Essentia opened its doors in Tarancón offering a different, classy and stylist place, for those special celebrations in which everything has to be perfect, and where the restaurant must take care as...


The famous Argentinian grill restaurant in Alcalá de Henares, also opens its doors in Madrid, at nothing less than Paseo de la Castellana 143. Puerto Madero, Argentinian grill. Puerto Madero has al...