Rodizio grill is a type of restaurant originated in Brazil and Portugal in which different types of meat come to table directly from the grill. The meat is cooked on a special grill through a rotating system with swords or cages in which the pieces are inserted, roasting slowly and preventing to lose natural juices.

Rodizio is an option for our grill, combining three styles of cooking meat: barbecue, oven and rodizio.

Like all our products, Rodizios are manufactured according to the customer’s need, advised at all times by our development team

Rodizio grill

Rodizio, type of restaurant

The rodizio is a type of service characteristic in restaurants mainly from Brazil and Portugal. They have in common with the table d’hôte service that a fixed price is paid. The waiters serve meat on tables, “rechauds” or the same “spiedo” with which they were roasted. Guests have the right to freely help themselves with the garnitures and desserts, located in large central tables.

Restaurants with rodizio service have a menu based on grilled meat (pork, beef, lamb and chicken). Restaurants that use this system are also known as steak houses.

It consists basically to sit down and watch waiters walk with different types of cutting in an establishment where customer service shines as well as fine dining. This is a different way to enjoy eating, where the customer pays a fixed price and can taste different meats that turn slowly on the grill, served on large brochettes by the waiters at a time, with the most typical Brazilian steakhouse style.

The advantages of rodizio for meat lovers, are that they may eat quietly without food getting cold on the dish, as the waiters are constantly serving them carefully on their demand.

Another outstanding advantage under this element is that you can try everything and can be repeated as many times as desired.

The types of meats served are “alcatra” beef, beef rump, loin, lamb, chicken,…

Automatic rotation allows to roast meat in its own juice


There are basically three types of grills:

  • Static grills or without elevation sticks or fat collection angles.
  • Rotisserie grills with rackets or rotating drums which may have two heights.
  • Rodizio grills with rotating blades of different kinds depending on the type of roast.


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